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Challenge Series Design and Features

Lastest Generation Design and Build Features (Made in Italy)

  1. Heavy Duty Frame Construction
  2. PLC Line Control
  3. Touch Screen Icon Control of Machine and Individual Stations
  4. Quick Heat up Glue Pot with Seperate Motor
  5. Two Feed Speeds
  6. Inverter Controlled High Frequency Saw and Trim Motors
  7. Precise Tape Feed and Strip Magazine
  8. Heavy Duty 3MM Guillotine
  9. Combination Top and Bottom Trim Station for Thin and Thick Tape and Laminate and Wood
  10. Glue Scrapers and Buffers              


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Business Evaluation

  1. Competitive Pricing
  2. Availability:  Currently in Stock
  3. Financing:  Available, with Approved Credit
  4. Delivery and Start up Training:  Readily Available
  5. After Sales Service and Parts:  Readily Available

1.  Heavy Duty Frame Construction.  These machines weigh over 2000 lbs, and have heavy duty production motors designed for years of medium to high  production use.

2.  PLC Line Control. PLC controls start up and positioning of stations as well as identifying where piece is along working line and also controlling glue heat up and timing of end trim saws and other items

3.  Touch Screen Icon Control of Machine  and Individual Stations. 

4.  Quick Heat Up Glue Pot with Seperate Motor for Glue Roller

5.  Two Feed Speeds, 10 and 15 Meters per Minute

6.  Inverter Controlled Saw and Trim Motors.  High Speed End Trim and Top and Bottom Trim for highest quality cut

7.  Precise Tape feed and Strip Magazine.  Tape is simply pulled back by the retraction clamp cylinder once the guillotine has made its cut.  No more leading edges not cut because the tape was out too far.  Precise strip magazine to load laminate and wood strips

8.  Heavy Duty 3mm Guillotine

9.  Combination Top and Bottom Trim Stations for Laminate and Wood

10.  Glue scrapers and buffers.


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