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bimaticchallengeedgebanderFinancing Available

Challenge  4.3B                                *Price $31,500

Challenge 5.3                                    *Price $36,500

Challenge 5.3.C-r                              *Price $42,000

Challenge 6.3-r                                  *Price $43,000

*See Options Included in those prices below


premillicon gluepot icon saws icon trimmers icon single corner rounder icon profile scraper icon glue scraper icon buffers icon
Challenge bimaticpremill bimaticgluepot bimaticsaws bimatictiltingtrimmers bimaticsinglecornerrounders bimaticprofilescrapers bimaticgluescrapers bimaticbuffers  
Model 2.3
Model 3.3.A                  
Model 3.3.B                  
Model 3.3.C                  
Model 4.3.A                  
Model 4.3.B                  
Model 4.3.C                  
Model 5.3                  
Model 5.3.A-a                  
Model 5.3.B-a                  
Model 5.3.C-a                  
Model 6.3-a
Model 3.3-r                  
Model 4.3.A-r                  
Model 4.3.B-r                  
Model 4.3.C-r                  
Model 5.3.A-r                  
Model 5.3.B-r                  
Model 5.3.C-r                  
Model 6.3-r                  
Model 6.3A-ra                  
Model 6.3B-ra                  
Model 6.3C-ra                  
Model 7.3-ra                  

     *Options included in price

Heated infeed fence

Screw style glue roller

3 lt glue pot

Automatic strips magazine

Pneumatic inclination of end trimmers from control panel

Tilting edge trimmer unit

Pneumatic exclusion of working units from control panel

Radius finish pneumatic system for edge trimmers for switching from thin tape to 3mm (or 2mm) activated from control panel






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