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    Bala Vertical Panel Saws for Wood

Isn't it time to bring the production and accuracy and space saving convenience of a precision European style panel saw to your facility?

bala vertical saw


 DPME-21-41                Price *$24,000 Includes digital readouts

See video below           DPME-21-41 Models Now In Stock


  DPM-KS                      Price *$34,800, includes digital readouts

                DPM-KS Models Now In Stock

*Price is plus U.S. or Canadian shipping and install

  See Video Below

  • Divide up sheets over 5 feet tall, and over 13 feet long

  • Your operator can turn full sheets of melamine, solid surface and plywood into precise, square, and dimentionally accurate chip free parts in a matter of minutes

  • Comes with scoring blade to achieve chip free cuts on melamine, laminate and veneers

  • Fits tightly near a wall in your shop to minimize space requirements

  • Cuts operator fatigue and increases production as machine cuts both directions, vertical and horizontal while sheet stays stationary during cut, head or gantry moves

  • Dramatically increases precision and production while at the same time lowering labor cost

  • What are you waiting for, order yours today!

  • Watch operation videos below

  • Financing Available with Approved Credit




  DPME-21-41 Video                

DPM-KS Video

              DPME-20-41 Vertical Panel Saw Specifications

-  Processing sheets both horizontally and vertically

-  Standard cutting height is 2000mm  (78")  Other cutting heights available

-  Cutting length is 4100mm  (161")

-  Thickness of cut is 0-42mm (0-1 5/8") 60mm without scoring blade (2 5/16")

-  Comes with main blade and scoring blade

-  Motor hp is 4.0  (3 kw) three phase

-  Moveable front panel supports.  (Pneumatic automatic movement up and down using sensor system)            

-  Bottom supports are metal wheels


Includes digital readouts

Pneumatic locking of gantry and head

DPM-KS Vertical Panel Saw Specifications

-  Automatic lock system

-  Semi-automatic lifting system

-  Motor power, 4 HP

-  Electric power consumption, 3 kw

-  Rotation, 3000 rpm

-  Main blade rotation, 5800

-  Scoring blade rotation 7800

-  Vertical cutting height 1850 mm (73")

-  Horizontal cutting length  5100 mm

-  Cutting blade size  250 mm x 30 mm x 3.2 mm  z80 trapeze

-  Drawing blade size 80 mm x 20 mm x 2.8 mm  z10/10

-  Dimensions shipping  6300 mm x 2540 mm x 1400 mm

-  Bottom supports, metal wheel

-  Movable supports, automatic


-  Includes digital readouts

Pneumatic locking of gantry and head













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