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 Weeke Optimat ABD 100 CNC Drill and Glue and Dowel Insertion Machine        Price Sold

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Weeke Drill and Dowel Inserter,

Model ABD 100 


Weeke’s model ABD 100 is designed for small and large capacity horizontal drilling, gluing, and dowel insertion.  The ABD 100 is produced by skilled technicians with a long tradition for excellence in engineering and machine building.

The Model ABD 100 is built on a heavy-duty base with welded steel construction.  The main horizontal beam of the machine holds the carriage for the boring spindle and insertion device, as well as the hopper that feeds the dowel driver.

There are two separate workstations on the machine capable of processing two parts independently (left-hand and right-hand), or one large part.  The machine has one set of CNC controlled processing aggregates with horizontal drilling and dowel driving capabilities.

The processing aggregates are positioned via precision gear rack in the
X-axis.  Height adjustment of the processing aggregates is done manually.


Machine Operating Sequence


The CNC program is selected at the PC control on the machine.  Parts are then manually loaded and positioned against the machine backstops.  Once parts are positioned, there is a work piece clamp, activated by foot pedal, which comes down on top of the piece at each station.  The panel support beams and clamps are PVC coated to protect the work piece.

Once the parts are loaded and clamped, a cycle start button is activated.  The drilling and dowel insertion then takes place.  After this, the mechanical clamp is released, and parts are manually removed from the machine.


Basic Machine


-          Solid steel frame execution

-          Positioning of the axis in X-direction

-          Toothed rack drive in X-direction

-          Digital AC-servo motors

-          Z-adjustment manually

-          Y-adjustment manually

-          Support table with a left and right side stop as well as a rear stop bar

-          Center stop pneumatically lowerable manual control by (selection) switch

-          Four (4) clamping cylinders from above, manually adjustable

-          Automatic central lubrication



CE-Safety and Protection Services


-          Safety fence in the lateral and rear area


Panel Dimensions


Length:                        Maximum 1250 mm

                        Minimum 20 mm

Width:              Maximum 800 mm

                        Minimum 50 mm

Thickness:       Maximum 60 mm

                        Minimum 10 mm




-          Horizontal drilling aggregate with one (1) spindle

-          One (1) doweling tool (in 32 mm distance from the drilling spindle)

-          Glue injector with adjustable glue amount

-          Glue flow control

-          Standard dowel dimensions: 8 x 30 mm; 8 x 35 mm

-          Vibrating hopper for automatic dowel feeding




Documentation in printed form and as CD-ROM including spare parts catalogue and wiring diagram.




Grey RDS 240 80 05.


Central Dust Extraction


For connection details please refer to the technical data sheet.


Power Control PC85T


Modern control system with bases on Windows PC.



-          PLC control according to international standard IEC 61131

-          Operating system Windows XP (US) embedded

-          PC with minimum 2 GHz and 512 Mbyte RAM

-          17 inch TFT-flat screen

-          1 hard disk with minimum 40 GByte

-          3 ½ inch diskette drive

-          CD-RW drive for reading and writing of CD’s (no dust protection guarantee)

-          USB connection at the operating panel

-          Digital drive technique by fiber optic cable

-          Decentral, digital fieldbus system

-          Ethernet connection 10/100 MBIT RJ45 (without switch)

-          Provision teleservice capability: Comprises the general provision of teleservice capability of the machine including modem and use of teleservice features within the guarantee period.  After the guarantee period a corresponding teleservice contract has to be signed for the use of the teleservice.

-          UPS (Interruption-Free Power Supply): Protects the computer against damages in case of mains interruption, overload and short circuit.  In case of mains interruption the computer is powered down after one minute to avoid loss of data.



PC85T software package with graphical operations programs:

-          WoodWOP for graphical, dialogue-oriented generation of CNC-programs

-          Graphical tool data base

-          Production list administration

-          CNC-operation

-          Graphical presentation of work zones

-          Clear text error messaging

-          Schuler MDE Basic for machine data recording

Software Package for External PC:

-          WoodWOP for graphical, dialogue-oriented generation of CNC-programs

Stiles Link Rite:

      -     Stiles Link Rite takes the source files and split them to route information to different machining centers and horizontal or vertical boring equipment based on the tooling available on the machine.



Barcode Software (Barcode Control)


The barcode control is prepared for connection to a barcode reader of Datalogic.

Software to read a barcode via the serial interface. The software allows for the

following individual adaptation of the barcode information:

- Program name

- Place number

- Modus for two places at the same time, e.g. for alternating processing

The barcode can additionally include up to four variables (5-digit, in 1/10 mm). When using variables the new NC-program is automatically generated after scanning through the production list.

Further functions:

- Creating of production lists with help of the barcode, additionally a rated value can be passed on in the barcode.

- Connection of the barcode software to the project manager.  An imported project which includes the barcode for this part as an index can be processed with the barcodes irrespective of the sequence in the production list.

- Support and vacuum cup positioning can be displayed as a graphic or optional as a

laser projection.


Technical Specifications


supported work piece length



20 mm

1250 mm



work piece width



50 mm

800 mm



work piece thickness



10 mm

60 mm



horizontal spindle




total length of drill bit


70 mm


dowel driver




dowel diameter


8 mm


dowel length


30 mm/35 mm


tolerances required for wooden dowels




     dowel length


+/- 1 mm


     dowel diameter


+\- 0.2 mm


dowel projection

fixed according to dowel length

dowel adhesive

Glue (Water with pre-glued dowels)

CNC control

PC-based with WoodWOP programming

length of machine


2250 mm


width of machine


1880 mm


height of machine


2540 mm


approx. weight of machine


2200 kg

(4850 lbs)

Utility Requirements


Operating Voltage

208/480 Volts / 3 Phase / 60 Hz

Amperage Service

35/16 Amps @ 208/480 Volts

Control Voltage

24 Volt 

Total Connected Load

7.7 kW

Dust Extraction

Connection Size(s)

80 mm


Air Velocity (minimum)

30 m/sec

98 ft/sec

Static Pressure

Minimum 3440 Pascal


Air Volume

550 m3/h

323 cfm

Compressed Air

Connection Size(s)

R 1/2 in


Pressure Required

100 psi

6 bar

Consumption / Volume

20 N/L/workpiece

.706 cfm/workpiece

Ambient Temperature

Operating Range

35° C (max)

95° F (max)

Foundation Requirement

Concrete Thickness

200 mm (min.)

8 in (min.)


Voltage supplied must not fluctuate in excess of +/- 5 % of its stated value. Voltage must be balanced phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground.


Note:  The stated values are only applicable to the machine as specified.  Adding or deleting optional equipment may change service connection requirements.





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